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Color is the basis of everything | Szilvia Farkasdy’s fabrics

Geometric and abstract shapes, simple and honest compositions, combined with vivid colors. We explore the projects of textile designer Szilvia Farkasdy, and we are completely blown away.  Let’s see the details.

Szilvia Farkasdy has been drawn to the most different forms of art since she was a child, so it became clear to her that this was her path quite early. Currently, she is an MA student at the department of textile design of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.

Miró transcription

Her textile creations echo the colors, shapes and atmosphere of the 70s and the 80s. She often turns to the visual world of artists whose works are dominated by abstract shapes and basic colors for inspiration.  

“For me, color is the basis of everything. I love colorful, yet clean and pattern-like compositions. Many times I don’t start designing with the shape of the given garment, I rather come up with the color and pattern world of the same first. I am intrigued by the creators who work with similarly colorful and geometric basis for this reason, too” – Szilvia added.

In addition to the careful combination of colors and shapes, she also reaches back to her personal memories and experiences in her works. In her BALATON clothing collection, for example, she molded the atmosphere of her childhood family holidays into her pieces. The designs of clothing items resemble items such as the striped camping chairs, sailing boats or movement of the sail on the boat. Their patterns are built on the stripe rhythm also characteristic of the camping cloth.


In creating her characteristic pieces, Szilvia mostly applies the technique of knitting, but she also likes to experiment with natural materials or other technologies that allow making patterns on textiles or even other materials. 

Combination of materials

The most exciting thing in the process of knitting is that I can create the material itself. This way, I can work with patterns, structures, surfaces and finally how I present them, all at once. It gives me freedom that I don’t have to work from an already existing fabric.”

Szilvia currently works on her diploma project, which also puts colors in focus. She designs patterns based on the color theory developed by Johannes Itten and then transforms them into garments. We can’t wait to see the finished project!

Go and follow Szilvia’s Instagram page for updates on her work:
Szilvia Farkasdy Instagram

Photos: Dávid Kovács, Jonatán Urbán  

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