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Russian new wave architecture in a beauty salon

Eduard Eremchuk couldn’t deny where he spent his internship even if he wanted to: the young Russian architect started his career at Bureau Betak known from the world of fashion shows, and this experience really shows on his works.

The paradigm shift taking place in the field of architecture and interior design in Russia borders on a movement. Young architects such as the 26-year-old  Eduard Eremchuk reinterpret retail and hospitality spaces with a radical approach. In an interview with the FRAME magazine, Eremchuk gave a comprehensive definition of his philosophy:

Designing a space is about organizing people. This is when it is decided for what purpose and length they will stay in the given space. 

Eremchuk spent his internship in the office of Alexandre de Betak – his approach of looking at spaces as if they were theatrical stages was formed at Bureau Betak, a legend in the fashion industry. The salon called Sfera in Moscow offering space for hairdressers, make up artists and manicurists also differs from the conventional aesthetics of usual beauty salons: it has a much cooler and futuristic feel to it.

But why should it remain in way we are used to beauty salons? “In post-Soviet times there wasn’t much experimentation – people were scared to be different. We are working to change that” – the architect said in the interview.

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