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Natural and caring underwear | Corpus Lingerie

Honest, simple and natural: the hand-crafted, soft and caring underwear items of Czech brand Corpus Lingerie are not only filling a gap on the market but are also so gentle on your skin that you’ll probably never want to take them off!

Anna Bolha and her sister Alžběta Žákova founded their brand back in 2018, with body positivity and respect for nature in the focus. Anna is in charge of creative, visual ideas and online content, while Alžběta takes care of the business side of the brand. Recently Anna’s husband has also joined the team: he helps them out in online sales.

“My sister and I started to feel a bit disappointed of the underwear possibilities on the Czech market. We realized that our underwear is our everyday companion, from early in the morning these items are touching our skin all the time yet they are made almost entirely of plastic. Instead of synthetic fabrics that tend to cause itching and irritate sensitive skin, we wanted something natural: this is how Corpus was born,” Anna told us.

In addition to being always on the lookout for new technologies and materials, the clean and simple underwear items are made of bamboo in a manufactory in Brno: thus Corpus Lingerie checks out for the criteria of both sustainability and recyclability while offering soft and durable pieces. 

The various bras, underpants and bodies come in four tones: white, black, natural and brick. In the beginning, they hand-dyed each piece but in response to the growing demand and interest, the brand switched to certified non-chemical textile dyes. 

It is not only sustainability that is at the core of Corpus Lingerie’s philosophy: the brand also promotes accepting ourselves by using their own clients on their photos instead of regular models. In addition they also have muses amongst local Czech creatives including photographer Lucie Fenclová or artist Michaela Červená, who presented the latest delicate, pastel pink tone dubbed Rose Dawn.

“Our biggest passion is timeless design, respect for nature, but also for human beings. Three things together as something precious and new. Something we want our customers to experience. A solid base of every closet and also a building stone of our confidence,“ they highlighted.

Corpus Lingerie’s selection does not only feature underwear for women, but for men, too, while in their periodical collection one can also find yoga tops and biker shorts. Anna and Alžběta are currently working on their new bra model, and their swimsuit collection is also on the way. Check out the brand’s website or Instagram for more!

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