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No more entangled cables | BondCable

The main source of inspiration of the designers creating BondCable, looking just like licorice, was Velcro and chewing gum tape.

We all know the upsetting feeling of trying to untangle the earphone or charging cable we dug up from the bottom of our bag, with more or less success. BondCable will now spare us this everyday trouble. 

Owing to its design, the cable designed by CleverThings and Design Insight Singapore can be rolled up easily, it holds its shape and so we can make sure that the coiled cable – looking just like licorice – will not get entangled even at the bottom of our bags or pockets. 

In the course of product development, the designers combined the characteristics of Velcro and chewing gum tape: they designed the surface of BondCable in a manner that the grooves interlock into each other perfectly. The USB cables can be used for both Apple and Android devices.

BondCable is also quite durable, as another annoyance caused by coiled cables is that the insulating material wears out or gets damaged sooner or later – in the case of BondCable, however, this will not be an issue.

For more info on the product, check out its Kickstarter campaign.

Source: yankodesign.com

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