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Surfing at the Baltic Sea

Those planning to surf in Europe probably think about Portugal, the Canary Islands or perhaps Basque Country as their main options. Yet there are possibilities to surf beyond the Atlantic Ocean, even if not a too big one – in Poland, for example.

Practically speaking, the Baltic Sea is not directly connected to the ocean, and in these cases it’s quite rare for all the stars to line up for a perfect wave surf. The usually strong wind offers more favorable conditions for windsurfers: there are only 15 days a year when the stars (and the swell) create waves resembling those of the ocean.

Photo: Krysztof Jędrzejak – Baltic Surf Scapes

In spite of this, this form of sports is becoming ever more popular in this area, too: in the summer, up to 30 surfers can be spotted in the water at the same time, waiting for the perfect wave, and the Polish surfer scene counts approximately two thousand people. There is also an increasing number of surf schools and rental options.

Photo: Krysztof Jędrzejak – Baltic Surf Scapes

Our best shot for the appropriate circumstances is during spring and fall, but one has to be quick in these times, too, as these conditions don’t last longer than 2-3 hours. Those interested in cold water surfing, the truly extreme version of the sports, can practice in winter time, too, if they are not discouraged by the minus 20 Celsius temperature and the minus 10 Celsius water.

Photo: Krysztof Jędrzejak – Baltic Surf Scapes

Krysztof Jędrzejak belongs to the latter category, and is one of the most dominant figures of the Polish surfer community. In the summer season, Krysztof runs the surf school founded by him on the Polish seashore, and in the rest of the year, he photographs waves, focusing expressly on the Baltic Sea and other northern spots. 

Photo: Krysztof Jędrzejak – Baltic Surf Scapes

We are not saying that Chałupy located on the Polish seaside will be the next Hossegor, but the honest enthusiasm and commitment of the locals is amazing, making surfing at the Baltic Sea a refreshing experience not only due to the cold water.

Photos: Krzysztof Jędrzejak  |  Source: MagicSeaWeed

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