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The Vespa of the future | Mightyseed

While the leading vehicle manufacturers and automobile designers work on switching to electric technologies from the ones using fossil fuels, South Indian Mightyseed does not let Enrico Piaggio’s heritage go to waste, either. They created the latest and most modern concept of the Vespa scooter under the name Vespa 98, while also refreshing the looks of the model. 

The especially sleek and short design of the Vespa 98 required the incorporation of professional technologies including Lidar, a basic accessory of self-driving cars. The sensor placed at the rear of the electric scooter replaces rear-view mirrors. The hub motor wheel has a sportier and more streamlined look than the original version, while the tail lamp strip of the rear gives a unique appearance to the vespa 98 concept.

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Source: designboom

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