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A steering wheel in your office | Nissan

The car brand’s latest concept allows us to work practically anywhere: with a retractable office pod, the NV350 would cater to all needs digital nomads may have.

The pod giving home to the workstation hidden in the back of the retrofitted van can be controlled via smartphones: the tiny space can fit a desktop computer and even a comfy office chair, making this special Nissan the perfect choice for those looking for flexible options. 

The exterior of the car suggests a durable vehicle, while the interior opens a door to the top of the car—it’s like having a miniature office with a roof balcony.

If all this weren’t enough, the workstation comes with a transparent floor, making the users feel as if they were floating above a field while attending to their daily to-dos. The innovative concept has been presented as part of the Nissan Customize 2021 initiative presented at the virtual Tokyo Auto Salon.

Source: Designboom

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