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The world’s first non-melting ice cream | Bompas & Parr

It’s quite bizarre, but the masters of food design used a technique first applied in World War II to create the first melting-free ice lolly. 

Food design studio Bompas & Parr could revolutionize the ice cream industry. Their experts developed an ice lolly that starts melting significantly slower than its traditional predecessors: the invention is capable of staying intact for an hour in 24 degree heat.

According to the London-based studio, the idea was conceived with the ever hotter summers in mind – they felt that the world is now truly in need of a non-melting ice cream. They used Geoffrey Pyke’s innovation developed during World War II for military purposes in the recipe of the extra strong ice.

Pyke used the combination of sawdust and wood pulp for the composite called Pykrete. He dispersed the combination into water and then froze it. Of course, food designers opted for other ingredients: they used fruit fibers for the non-melting ice cream.

The groundbreaking ice lollies were showcased in August 2018 in a food-themed exhibition in the British Museum. Why they haven’t become wildly popular since remains a mystery. 

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