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Modernism with a minimalist twist | IFA Group

At first glance, we wouldn’t say the house designed by architect studio IFA Group standing in a street of the suburbs of Gdynia full of modernist houses was not built at the same time as the neighboring buildings.

This was the architects’ goal exactly: to design a house that respects the silhouette of the street, by not differing from the surrounding buildings too much. Of course this cannot be regarded a massive compromise, as the modernist direction offered many possibilities.

This is where the architects of IFA Group started out from, and thus the layout, ratios and forms of the new building blend in with the street view perfectly. The interiors, at the same time, are dominated by contemporary minimalism with a touch of Brazilian brutalism.

For the sake of the minimalist image, they hid as much of the cables from the eyes of the habitants as possible: the ventilation system for example is placed in the roof and is connected to the top of the terrace. The designers balanced the raw character of the concrete panels and the concrete ceiling with natural wooden floors.

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