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On the way to carbon neutrality | No Footprint House

The No Footprint House was made in the framework of a Dutch-Costa Rican collaboration in the island state – even though the house still has some carbon foot print, it very much approaches zero.

The Costa Rican house of architecture studio A-01 supplied with a lot of natural light and natural ventilation can stand as an example for future constructions – at least this is what the architect aimed for. The climate of the prefab house designed for tropical environment is kept cool with natural solutions: the motorized wooden blinds shade and ensure ventilation at the same time, and a part of them can also be used to create complete privacy and security.

The house is connected to the water and electricity cables of the region on the one hand, which are almost completely powered by renewable energy, and is also outfitted with solar panels. Another resourceful solution from the point of saving energy and materials is the fact that the kitchen, the bathroom and the laundry area are placed next to each other in the center of the house. The result: the house generates 40% less carbon emission than Costa Rican homes of similar size. With the upcoming developments they wish to reach 60%, but of course the final goal is a completely carbon neutral residential building.

Source: dezeen

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