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Perky ceramics | TOP 5

The tradition of making pottery dates back thousands of years, in fact, it presents the relationship between man and earth in an artistic form. Functionality is mixed with emotions in each everyday object or ornament made of ceramics, which can be not only beautiful or useful, but also amusing. In our selection, we have collected the most cheerful and exciting ceramics in Eastern Europe.

Malwina Konopacka | Poland

The unique design and cheerful use of color in Malwina Konopacka’s vases make the artist’s work clearly recognizable. The collection, named OKO, mixes traditional and contemporary elements, resulting in an abstract look.

Zlatna porcelain | Bulgaria

A young Bulgarian couple, Zlatina and Tsvetomir, are the owners and designers of the Zlatna porcelain brand, which specializes in casting everyday objects into porcelain and ceramic molds. The most exciting thing in the whole process for them is when the products made by their hands put a smile on the faces of others.

Rebu Ceramics | Hungary

Rebu Ceramics’ unique pottery is both extravagant and funny. The creator of the brand, Rebeka Rácz, started to work with ceramics for her own entertainment, but she also uses this tool to show a mocking glass to consumer society. Imperfection and randomness play the most important role in her works.

AMI | Slovenia

Pastel colors and playful shapes: this is how the works of Anamarija Bukovec could best be characterized. The artist’s trademark and brand name are three letters, AMI, which is also hidden in the word “ceramics”. According to Anamarija, a cup or a plate not only serves a function, but there are also art and soul in these objects.

In August Company | Czech Republic

In August Company doesn’t just deal with ceramics, they also have a variety of designer products in their studio. The studio started as a project combining drawing and photography, and soon after more emphasis was placed on everyday objects. In August Company aims to make people realize the beauty of handicrafts. The brand considers it important that products that they cannot produce on their own are created exclusively in collaboration with local Czech craftsmen.

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