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A play tent inspired by Bauhaus | HAUS

Have you ever looked for a play tent on the internet? Most models are space-consuming, difficult to assemble and don’t leave much room for kids’ creativity. The idea of HAUS was born under Covid with the goal of making staying at home more enjoyable and adding color to it. The long-needed tent designed by Janos Stone is a blank canvas for the imagination.

The play tent comes in a thin and light folder and can be assembled in a matter of seconds. It’s made from completely recyclable plastic, which is durable, functional and water-resistant. It can be painted on, wiped clean and painted again, leaving room for personalized decorations.

Stone’s grandparents, György and Juliet Kepes, were members of the Bauhaus movement. This intellectual heritage served as an inspiration for HAUS: Stone looks at the tent as a skill-developing tool that encourages unlimited exploration and experimentation. This mobile nook allows children to connect with their environment while playing in their own independent space, which they can modify to their liking.

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