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Coffee machines made of concrete | AnzaCoffee

Concrete literally keeps levelling up in our kitchen every year: first it got to the counter from the floor, and now we can also have coffee machines made of it.

Designing a coffee machine is a rewarding and challenging job at the same time: the users have grown attached to the classic shape of the object, as the motion of pulling the handle has been in encrypted in our DNA for several decades now, not to mention the Pavlovian reflex triggered by the sound and smell of brewing. To put it simply: anyone who wishes to experiment on this field must be ready to pull their socks up!

This is why the designers founding California-based AnzaCoffee decided to keep the shape and only innovate in terms of use of materials. This is how the Anza coffee machines were born: a Brutalist, concrete version and an elegant, white corian (aluminum trihydrate, colorings and acrylic resin) version.

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