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HYPE | Weekly online program guide

Now everyone holds the interviews, exhibition openings and professional conversations from their homes, and, oddly enough, it seems as if we were seeing each other in a closer and more humane situation in the virtual space than ever before. We picked out several platforms for the week where Hungarian and foreign designers openly talk about how they work in this period and how they experience the situation. The good news is that now we can recommend events of foreign institutions, too, as you can attend any exhibition or event from your couch. Let’s see what this week offers!

Slow life. Radical Practices of the Everyday – an exhibition at Ludwig Museum

The new exhibition of Ludwig Museum examining the slow life approach as a possible solution for today’s environmental and social problems opened on April 8. The topic couldn’t be more relevant, however, the museum still had to make some changes that required rapid decisions in light of the current global situation: the subheading changed from Life in Slow Pace to Radical Practices of the Everyday, and since we cannot visit the institution currently, they created a separate website for the exhibition, which serves as a kind of knowledge base: you can access the works exhibited and the documentation of the online accompanying programs here.

When: April 9 – August 23, 2020

Where: online

The 100 Day Studio

In Boccaccio’s Decameron, a group of young people shelter in a castle near Florence to escape the plague and entertain each other with stories every day. The new project of the Architecture Foundation follows the example of the hundred short stories of the Decameron, and offers online talks, interviews and building tours for 100 days to everyone wishing to escape to the world of architecture during the quarantine. This week, the programs focus on the relationship between sport and the city from an architectural point of view, and about what being an architect means in the age of the climate defense, amongst others.

When: April 06 – August 27, 2020

Where: online

Gary Hustwit – Rams online!

If we only had to name one designer who has carved his name into the big book of design with bold letters, it would probably be Dieter Rams for many. He designed for Braun for decades, the designer of Apple, Jonathan Ive thinks of him as a role model, the 10 principles of good designs originates from him, and the clean lines of his iconic works can be recognized from afar. Did he regret putting his talents into the service of consumer society? In Gary Hustwit’s movie, you can get to know Rams’ philosophy through the eyes of experts, colleagues and the designer himself.

When: until April 14, 2020

Where: online

Museum quarantine competition

A few Hungarian museums (the Hungarian National Museum, the National Circus Art Center (the Capital Circus of Budapest), Ludwig Museum, a Petőfi Literary Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Gallery) teamed up and announced a joint competition for high school and university students. They welcome all literary, musical, motion picture or visual works of art that are made in the boring hours of the quarantine. They also provided a few works of art as a starting point, from which entrants can get inspired – these are all available on the website. Application is open until April 30, and creators of the best pieces will be awarded with cash prize. Good luck!

When: until April 30, 2020

More info: website

Design Museum – Morag Myerscough – IGTV

The Design Museum in London launched its Digital Design Calendar, offering many continuously updated materials available online. One of their projects is Design Dispatches, in the framework of which you can get to know designers more closely via live talks and studio tours. In the past week, the director of the museum, Tim Marlow talked to British artist Morag Myerscough on Instagram.  Myerscough’s works are on the border between art and design, her works have become known for their vibrant colors. She has already designed hospital rooms for the children clinic in Sheffield, and she also worked on the iconic graphical and spatial appearance of the permanent exhibition of the Design Museum. The conversations available on Instagram also tell the audience what the designer spends her days with during the quarantine, who inspires her and why the interior of her kitchen was inspired by Frida Kahlo.  

Where: online

Weird Sensation Feels Good – An exhibition about ASMR

Stockholm-based ArkDes (Centre of Architecture and Design) organized the first exhibition about ASMR, now available online. The institution frequently focuses on such experimental peripheries of design that are part of our everydays and culture but receive less attention. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a sensory phenomenon, usually seeing or hearing certain activities (including whispering, munching, or even hair combing) triggers the tingling feeling. ASMR has grown into one of the biggest online movements, and ArkDes attempted to present the history of the phenomenon and its influence on contemporary culture. Their venture is not only interesting because it focuses on a yet unexplored area, but also because the “online exhibition” is a one and a half hours long professional video, also including interpreting the curator’s concept, a guided tour and answering the questions of the audience. 

When: April 7 -November 1, 2020

Where: online

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