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A fitness tool shaped into an ergonomic work of art | Fuoropista

Elite, a brand that’s been specializing in bicycles for forty years now, collaborated with Adriano Design to create an exercise bike dubbed Fuoropista, whose innovative design and elegant shape take fitness experience to the next level.

The rechargeable lithium battery-powered exercise bike is made of high-quality materials: ash wood frame, tempered glass legs and wheel, stainless steel seat post and soft leather handlebars.

Its sophisticated looks go beyond aesthetics, as these carefully selected materials have been combined with Italian craftsmanship and advanced fitness technology to make each component support an ergonomic use.

Thanks to Fuoropista’s advanced technology, it provides a hyper-realistic cycling experience: even the smallest modifications can be perceived with the help of an electronic pad brake and gearbox. The saddle and the handlebars can be adjusted to size and the pedals can be replaced, so that exercise is comfortable for all body shapes. The workout itself can be customized, making the device suitable for both professional athletes or hobby sportsmen.

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Source: Designboom

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