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A helicopter and a DeLorean combined | CityHawk

CityHawk is an electronic flying car, which takes us a little bit ‘Back to the Future’ given that it looks like a new, modern version of the DeLorean time machine. The futuristic vehicle designed by Metro Skyways comes with many specific features. Let’s see the details!

The amazing concept of Metro Skyways, a subsidiary of Israeli aviation startup UrbanAero is built on the analogy of a helicopter, and is, a matter of fact, an electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft, i.e. a so-called eVTOL. 

The CityHawk would be powered by hydrogen fuel cells, and could fit up to six people. As opposed to helicopters, it won’t have any exposed rotors, the vehicle will be able to land on basically any flat surface with an area of at least 3m x 8m. Even though probably it won’t be suitable for long distance trips, it would be perfect for air taxi services, emergency services, or delivering cargo for the health sector.

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