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Our rooms are the new screens | PSR gaming console

The conceptual gaming machine called PSR can make gamers’ dreams come true: it can bring the virtual reality to life without wearing VR glasses or any other gadgets on your body. 

Andy Suh designed a gaming console allowing you to transform your entire room into a virtual space. The PSR uses a built-in triple projector that creates a panoramic dimensional view mapped on the wall, thus making the user part of the game.

The appearance of the device reinvents PlayStation’s look in a simpler and more sophisticated manner. The disc-like projector unit can be rotated freely, and is complimented by a pressure-sensitive analog stick called the Dualshock Duo. It looks like a blend between a joystick and a traditional controller.

The PSR gaming console opens up endless creative possibilities not only for gamers, but for game developers, too. You can learn to code or cook with it, you can go for space missions, you can race cars or move into a Sim’s house, amongst others.

If you’d like to know how PSR works exactly, visit Andy Suh’s website!

Source: Yanko Design

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