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Gucci debuts virtual sneakers

We can buy the brand’s new shoes for between $9 and $12, which can only be worn in virtual spaces.

After the news sensations about NFT artworks and the auction of Andrés Reisinger’s virtual furniture, it’s no surprise that designer brands are also finding their way into the virtual space. It seems like the trend starts with Gucci: Alessandro Michele, the brand’s creative director, has designed a pair of neon-colored sneakers that can only be worn in AR- and VR-based digital worlds.

So what are Gucci Virtual 25 shoes good for? We can “wear it” in augmented reality and by shooting a few screenshots, we can share our newly acquired gear on social media. That’s pretty much what the virtual Gucci offers, all for the fraction of the brand’s real products’ price: $9 to $12 (the Wanna Kicks app sells it for 3290 forints).

Gucci’s partner in the project is the fashion platform Wanna AR, and their shoes can be purchased through both companies ’mobile apps. Gucci and Wanna had worked together before, experimenting with AR shoes to allow customers to try on their latest sneaker collection in the virtual space.

Source: Dezeen

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