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Video calls in augmented reality | Microsoft Mesh

Since a year ago, there is hardly anyone who’s not using at least one of the popular video chat platforms. In response to these new market demands, Microsoft has introduced its latest product, Mesh.

Surely many of us are bored, spending long hours in front of our webcams while waiting for the return of our more interactive previous lives. But we will often have to use these services in the future, which, in the interactive world of Microsoft Mesh, will be more like a game rather than a duty. The latest technology allows us to use VR goggles and meet each other’s digital alteregos and even to give each other virtual objects in this space. Thanks to the hand-tracking device built into the HoloLens 2 goggles, we can easily perform elaborate hand gestures in the virtual world.

The software, unveiled at the recent Microsoft Ignite developer conference, aims to outline a future vision for its users in which they will never have to meet their friends and co-workers in video boxes again.

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