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An old warehouse gives impetus to the industrial district in Brno | DADA Distrikt

Located in the old industrial district of Brno in the Czech Republic, this former storage facility was renovated as a residential complex by the architecture firm, KOGAA. The project not only provides housing—it also attempts to boost the community and the neighborhood with various methods.

In Europe, real estate prices have risen the most in the Czech Republic in recent years, which is one of the reasons for the proliferation of alternative real estate development attempts. This includes the concept of DADA Distrikt, visualized by architecture firm KOGAA, which focuses on the old warehouse in the Zbrojovka industrial district.

The three-thousand-square-meter building, with its windows overlooking the Svitava river and its location along a new bike path, had favorable facilities to make it attractive to investors and future users. And the architects’ effort to blend the past of the building into its present provided further added value. So that the house has a story too, many old elements were not only preserved, but also emphasized: for example, the car lift in the garden or the rounded edges of the stairs.

Interaction with the neighborhood is aided by the main entrance located in the corner of the building. While upstairs apartments were built, the lower floor has been designed to serve a variety of community functions, so the house trends a bit toward the co-living lifestyle too. The green roof of the building harmonizes with the closeness of the river on the one hand, and serves as a drain on the other: the greywater extracted here is used in the whole building, for example in bathrooms and for watering.

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Source: ArchDaily

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