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Europe’s largest 3D printer prints a two-story house

This house in Belgium is the first to have been 3D-printed from concrete in a single item instead of being fabricated on a piece-by-piece basis.

A fully 3D-printed house can save up to sixty percent of the materials, time and money – as demonstrated by the house built (or rather printed with the help of Europe’s largest 3D printer) by Belgian company Kamp C.

3D printing has already been widely popular in constructions across the globe, but until now, it has mainly been used for manufacturing panels that were later assembled on site. This 90 sqm, two-story building however was not fabricated at a plant, but at its final location, in Westerlo, Belgium, in a single piece. According to Kamp C, the concrete house can be three times more durable than classic rapid building blocks, but they still think of it as a test building – it remains to be seen whether the solidity will be maintained over time.

Source: designboom

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