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Art Deco Bucharest

The Art Deco style of visual arts influenced architecture, painting, applied graphic design, sculpture and film, but it also dominated the fashion and media advertisements of the era – it influenced every area of life. It became popular in both the US and several European countries, but there are some cities where it is less known. With his unique photographs, Eduard Holban wishes to call our attention to Bucharest’s abandoned Modernist and Art Deco built heritage. Let’s see!

Bucharest-born Eduard Holban has never studied photography, currently he works as an economist at a company engaged in the real estate business. Architecture and design always appealed to him, especially the built environment of Bucharest and its history. He started documenting the Modernist-Art Deco buildings of the city two years ago, putting the emphasis on the unique local interpretation of the international style. He captures the various residential and public buildings on the Instagram accounts BucharestModerne and doorsofbucharest. 

“The project started off as a personal database, and later it also took on a social awareness-raising role. I want to display these buildings many times perceived as rigid and austere from a new angle. We pass them by every day on our way to school or work but we hardly know anything about their true value and their significant role in the development of the city” – Eduard told us“The majority of Bucharest’s Modernist and Art Deco buildings has been abandoned, especially in the post-World War II period, however, they form an important part of the history of the city and are worth much more attention” – he continued.

Eduard also takes part in the project titled B:MAD, the aim of which is to explore all the Modernist and Art Deco buildings of Bucharest and to promote their recognition and appreciation on an international level.

BucharestModerne | Instagram
doorsofbucharest | Instagram
B:MAD | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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