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Art Deco’s ghost moved into a motorcycle

German motorcycle manufacturer Kingston Custom took an 1980 BMW model and manufactured a museum-worthy motorbike out of it – which then ended up in a museum indeed.

It would be hard to say which era Kingston Custom’s Good Ghost motorbike originates from at first glance. The basis was provided by BMW’s R100 RS model, however for inspiration they reached back all the way to Art Deco.

The patina of the super-modern vehicle comes from the hand-shaped body, the fine leather saddle and the set of kidney grilles inspired by the 1936 BMW 328 roadster. They also thought of those heading out to an old-fashioned picnic with the motorcycle, and thus a selection of century-old silverware is placed in the panel on the right. The super-bike is exhibited in the Hass moto museum and sculpture gallery in Dallas, Texas.

Source: designboom

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