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art + design | David Lynch: Small Stories

Visual arts are the eternal source of inspiration for design. The two fields can subsist separately, too, but why would we ever separate them if they complement each other so well? We would rather further boost the connection: in each month, we will choose a currently available* art exhibition and we will let it inspire a design selection.

In 2013, David Lynch wasn’t working on any movies. Instead, He was designing a club in Paris, a cultural complex on the factory site of Łódz in Poland, and last but not least, he also ventured into the field of experimental photography, with the Small Stories series exhibited in  Kunsthalle, being one of the results.

Each and every one of the photos is dream-like, just like the movies created by the director. The basis of the surreal images is photomontage, a reinterpretation of portraits and reproductions. The result is a psychedelic journey amongst the memories stuck in the subconscious that are depressingly striving to come to the surface. In the meantime, they also bring the atmosphere and aesthetics we expect from Lynch, inspiring countless artists and designers in the past decades, including this selection.

Couch –  366, Coat hanger– Studio Rygalik, Shoes– Dyan | Wonderlab, Armchair– A+Z Design, Magazine rack– Fabrika, Lamp– Fabrika, Candle holder– Qubus

Candle holder– Qubus, Mannequin– artKraft Loftdesign, Velvet pillow– H&M HomeMorbid Curiosities by Paul Gambino – Spark le Monde, Nightstand– Fabrika, Chair– Paged, Hanging lamp– bomma | archiproducts

*The Small Stories exhibition was supposed to be open until June 2 originally. Kunsthalle made the entire exhibition virtually available due to the coronavirus epidemic.

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