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Artist duo | Anna Hidvégi and Kira Koroknai

They work in a unique, recurrent dynamic—they pull each other through the challenges occurring in the course of design in given work processes. While one of them stands out with her fresh perspective she brought from London, the other is also competent in photographing and publishing projects. They have a sweet spot for wine label design, but designing a chocolate packaging also ranks high on their graphic design bucket list. We interviewed Anna Hidvégi and Kira Koroknai.


Anna and Kira: In 2013, MATT invited twenty contemporary female graphic designers to commemorate Bruno Munari’s life and work with a print. Both of us were among the invitees, this is where we first met. At the time, one of us (Anna) studied graphic design in London, while the other (Kira) studied at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. In 2015, we met again through a common acquaintance and got to know each other better, and later on we decided to apply for the wine label call titled Cégér! a jó bornak together. Here we won in the rosé category with our designs made for Dúzsi winery. This is when our work together really started.


Anna: Our collaboration is quite organic—this is what we like about it the most. As freelance graphic designers we both work on our own projects by default, and we collaborate for certain projects. We complement each other in many aspects, and, on top, we can also turn around our differences. 

Kira: When we receive a new enquiry, first we start to think about the concept separately. Once we have our ideas outlined, we got together in our studio in Buda, and look for the points of connection in the sketches based on which we can start designing. It’s important—and so we always make sure—that both of us be satisfied with the end result. Luckily we like very similar things.


Anna: How we work together has a fascinating, recurring dynamic. I, for one, tend to overthink the beginning of projects, which can make me block off sometimes. Kira, on the other hand, usually takes an easy and laidback approach to the task, and this inspires me immensely: it gives me a starting boost and helps me ease off. The middle part of the project we do and enjoy with a similar energy level, and at the end of the task, it’s Kira’s momentum that tends to wear off—and here I help her get through the deadlock. 

Photographing and publishing the completed projects is not one of my favorite activities, however, Kira enjoys it very much and she is good at it, too. We do this together, as well, but if it were up to me, not every project of ours would be photographed at this level. I learn from her a lot in this, too. We have a quite similar visual world fundamentally, but Kira can always surprise me with her novel and surprising ideas, which provide a great foundation to our work.

Kira: What I noticed right at the beginning is that Anna can find a tone with practically anyone. This directness facilitates our work processes and our collaboration with clients a lot. I like the fresh perspective she brought from her years spent in London—her freshness can be very inspiring in the course of designing.


Anna and Kira: There were periods when we had conflicts, but then we found a tone that works for both of us, with which we can express our opinion to the other by also supporting the project in question. We polish each other every day, and, by knowing each other very well at this point, we learn from each other continuously. To be honest, graphic design is sometimes “the easiest part” of the job. We also work on knowing ourselves better, which has a positive impact on our relationship, as well.


Anna: Professionally speaking, it would be great if we could show the visual world that comes into being through the fusion of our personalities to a broader audience. By this I mean larger, more complex projects: we would love to design a chocolate packaging, for example, but my graphic design bucket list also includes designing a cookbook or other larger publication and creating a stamp design.

Kira: We would like to work with clients that are open to innovative and extraordinary solutions. Even though wine label design will most probably remain our favorite, we’d love to try our hands at other graphic design projects, too.


Anna and Kira: In the course of our first visit to Dúzsi winery, we got the address wrong. Then we made the mistake of asking a passerby instead of turning to Google Maps. As it later turned out, thanks to the directions received from a competitor, we ended up in the other end of Szekszárd, on top of a large mountain near the forest, and our car almost got stuck—at least the view was gorgeous.

Photos: Balázs Mohai

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