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Bogyólé every year! | Vylyan Winery

Browsing through the Behance projects and Instagram profiles of young graphic designers, Bogyólé, Vylyan Winery’s wine pops up several times – owing to the annual label design contest held for the sixteenth time this year, the wine can be seen in a new packaging every year on the shelves of stores. Here’s a muster of previous winners and this year’s contestants!

Strengthening the long-standing cultural relationship between wine and art is a not-so-secret aim of Vylyan Winery. Their Bogyólé call also supports this initiative, the goal of which is to offer an opportunity for entry-level creators to introduce themselves.

Initially, the label design contest was only open to the students of the University of Pécs and the Secondary School of Art, Pécs, but three years ago, they opened the call to the rest of the educational art institutions of the country, as well. Today, the graduates and current students of the Faculty of Art of the University of Pécs, the Secondary School of Art and the Specialized Secondary School of Art, Pécs, the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest Metropolitan University, Eszterházy Károly University in Eger, the University of Sopron, KREA Design School, VISART Art Academy, the University of Kaposvár and Corvina drawing school can apply for the contest until they reach thirty years of age. The institutions also incorporate the call into their syllabus from time to time, and thus many times more than two hundred projects are submitted to the call.

And what is Bogyólé? 

The name is an allusion to the character of the wine and the French name of this type of winemaking: Bogyólé is the Beaujolais of the hills of Villány, the first red wine of the year, made according to the winemaking traditions of the French Beaujolais Nouveau, resulting in a delicate, light and fruity beverage. The applicants many times use these characteristics, that is the freshness of the wine and the eloquent name as a baseline in the course of designing.

The jury consisting of the professors of the participating institutions and selected members of Vylyan Winery chooses the three awarded works, out of which the label of the winner will land on the bottles of Vylyan Bogyólé and the shelves of stores. The same as in previous years, those interested could vote for the audience award on Vylyan’s Facebook page this year, as well.

This year’s exhibition will open at 18:00 on October 16, at MOME, where the winner of the year will also be announced.

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Cover photo: the label design of Anett Eszteró, last year’s winner

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