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Brutalist London through the eyes of an illustrator | MAMIMU

Owing to the collaboration of London-based Japanese artist MAMIMU and Cult Vision eyewear boutique in London’s Barbican, Brutalist London is presented from a special angle in a new illustration series. 

The collaboration between the eyewear store and MAMIMU started before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was postponed. They designed a shop window in preparation for the Olympic games originally, but with the outbreak of the virus and everything coming with it, they had to look for a new concept. 

The powerful shapes and bold lines were inspired by the Brutalist buildings of London’s Barbican. Putting the vivid colors and the sterile greyness of buildings into a contrast, the artist aimed to call our attention to optimism with her works. 

“In uncertain times like this, ‘optimism’ can be more than a lofty, happy idea”

MAMIMU – June Mineyama-Smithson

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source: creativeboom

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