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Do nothing! | Nike quarantine edition

From the well-known “Just do it”, Nike switched to “Do nothing”, at least for the time of the quarantine going hand in hand with the pandemic. The brand designed their soon debuting footwear for home use primarily.

Athletic apparel companies are looking for new opportunities allowing them to contribute to our comfort in our homes, too.  The same applies to Nike, too: instead of sneakers or streetwear, Nike Offline looks more like slippers, and will be part of Nike’s N. 354 series full of bolder silhouettes.

We might not say the same about isolation, but the slower way of life introduced by the quarantine do have some beneficial effects on our mental health. Inspired by this, Nike Offline invites us to unplug and unwind – their latest pieces only evoke their previous models in traces, and instead of active relaxation, they rather promote resting at home. Their “anti-sneaker” silhouette and soles are designed to provide a comfortable hold to our feet, while also offering a massage-like experience for the wearer.

The Nike Offline will release on August 28.

Source: news.nike.com

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