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Budapest by Labrosse | The Postal Palace in Buda

Nine seventeen. A “Home Alone”-like rush – the complete population is in a berserk race. The long-legged crocodile takes the leap on two, while the ladybugs quickly take a shower in wolf tears. A giant spider, how lucky. But wait! Someone yells to the sky from the top: “Heartburn on the second floor!” The problem is the constant coffee-cigarette marathon. The night is still holding on in the corner, delay is guaranteed, go to sleep softly, little one, do. The special characters of Daniel Labrosse take over the buildings of Budapest for an entire year here, on HYPEANDHYPER! Look at the picture, and try to find the six ghosts this time in the Postal Palace!

“The Postal Palace has been one of my favorite buildings on the Buda side since I was little. In the majority of my illustrations about Budapest, I focus on many tiny figures. My aim is to fill as many windows with scenes as possible, but with the Postal Palace, I took a somewhat different approach. As the house itself is so full of tiny patterns and ornaments, I felt that if I drew it with countless little details, the building would be lost, could not prevail and would be simply overcrowded. This is why I started to focus on larger and simpler figures – I dedicated more time to give each of them a unique personality, I elaborated the patterns of the clothing more and also how the characters relate to each other” – Dani told us regarding his latest work.

Your task this time: find all six little ghosts!

The Postal Palace in Buda

The Postal Palace located at Krisztina körút 6-8 was built in eclectic-Art Nouveau style in 1924, based on the designs of architect Gyula Sándy. It operated as the headquarters of the Hungarian Post Office until 2008, with small interruptions. The building burnt down almost entirely during World War II, in the course of the siege of Budapest, however, it’s structure didn’t fell apart, its outside “frame” remained, making the designer very proud. It was renovated in 1947.

Not many people know this but this where the first paternoster elevator of the country operated, still functioning today. Its large chimney is a reminder of the old days when heating was supplied by coal combustion. The large chimney standing in the middle of the building can be even seen from the Buda Castle, but not for long. It will be demolished in the course of the renovation currently in progress.

In 2018, the building was acquired by the Hungarian Central Bank. The building is brought to new life by preserving its characteristic Art Nouveau traits and will soon open its gates with a new and modern function. The Postal Palace will give home to a money and bank museum and a modern visitor center. The observation point designed on top of the corner tower will also be available for visitors.

In our Budapest by Labrosse series, the special characters of Daniel Labrosse take over the buildings of Budapest for an entire year here, on HYPEANDHYPER! Come, take a look and play with us!

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