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California wonder? Not quite! | Fuzzy Collective

California Wonder bell peppers are great sources of nutrition, but then again, they’re full of artificially engineered colors and flavors. Through the research of peppers, the Not Quite California Wonder project initiates a debate about the constantly changing fashion of food production that also affects the cultivation of bell peppers.

The greenhouse installation by Tekla Gedeon and Sebastian Gschanes, i.e. the Fuzzy Collective, focuses on alternative ways of growing peppers. The Fuzzy team spent the last months exploring the role of bell pepper as a plant, food, industry, symbol of political power and ecological catalyst together with agricultural engineers, botanists and farmers to reveal alternative perceptions of contemporary agricultural spaces.

The Fuzzy Collective awaits those interested with various programs:

Not Quite California Wonder | open studio event
Address: Sztregova Street 1, Budapest
Dates: April 10, 12 AM—April 11, 6 PM
Registration: Eventbrite

Total blast (Totális magrobbantás) | community pepper design workshop
Location: online
Language: English
Date: May 8, 2 PM—3:30 PM
Workshop leaders: Fuzzy
Registration: hello@fuzzy.earth

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly | community botanics workshop
Location: online
Language: Hungarian
Date: May 22, 2 PM—3:30 PM
Workshop leaders: Fuzzy and Bernadett Vizi plant protection expert
Registration: hello@fuzzy.earth

The events are part of an exhibition entitled MENU Imaginaire, held within the framework of OFF-Biennale Budapest 2021.

Fuzzy Collective | Facebook | Instagram

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