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Favorite interiors of the week_55

Each week, we share the coolest, most gorgeous and inspiring interiors that we’ve come across in the past few days. Here comes some perfect eye candy to browse through while sipping your Saturday morning coffee, which you can also use as inspiration for your own homes. Playful wall painting at home, design putting coworking offices to shame in a nursery—we won’t leave you without inspiring spaces this week either. Here they come!

The home of a ceramist and an interior designer | Isern Serra and Valeria Vasi | Barcelona, Spain

Lively murals in the new home of a Syrian refugee family | Atelier Akuko | London, United Kingdom 

Design nursery in Prague | No Architects | Prague, Czech Republic

A touch of Asia in the bottom of an 1930 Art Deco house | DC.AD | Lisbon, Portugal

Cappuccino-toned spaces in a loft | Gitai Architects | Jaffa, Israel

A 19th century carriage house converted into a family home | Buchner Bründler Architekten | Basel, Switzerland

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