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City skylines for your wardrobe | Virgil Abloh x Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has recently unveiled the pieces of their 2021 Men’s Fall-Winter campaign in Paris: the most surprising items are the unique jackets evoking cityscapes. Let’s take a look at them, along with a peculiar short film.

Designer Virgil Abloh converted his grasp of architecture into the form of jackets in the latest collection of the French fashion brand: these two pieces can also be seen as wearable postcards that go beyond fashion.

One embodies the French capital with its iconic buildings: those with a keen eye can even recognize the facades of the Notre Dame and the Louvre while marveling at the jacket depicting the Parisian skyline. The other puffer jacket, named after New York, reflects a much more modern and urban image and represents not only the designer Abloh’s hometown, the eponymous New York, but also Chicago, for example, through the depiction of skyscrapers.

In addition to eyeing the jackets, it’s also worth taking a peek at the film made for the show: the video, spiced up with dance, figure skating, poetry and breathtaking landscapes, reflects freely on James Baldwin’s 1953 essay, Stranger in the Village. In this piece, the African American writer talks about his experiences being the only person of color appearing in a Swiss village, leaving New York behind. The short film entitled Peculiar Contrast, Perfect Light tells the remarkable story in three parts.

Source: Designboom