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Concrete switches might be the next big thing

It could happen even in the most flawlessly designed interiors that the overall image is ruined by a not-in-the-least aesthetic plastic socket. The plastic device may not only disturb our eyes – it’s not the most ideal solution from the point of tactility either, and its far from being eco-conscious.

The idea of the one-of-a-kind, concrete sockets was conceived by Gábor Kasza while he was experimenting with the material. The repertoire of Hungarian startup Sekhina founded by him offers switches and sockets made out of silicates exclusively. The devices are hand-manufactured, allowing the company to create any kind of custom designs. As the products only exist in prototype version at the moment, currently the Sekhina team is waiting for pre-orders to see whether the people like them as much as they do. You can learn more about the crowdfunding campaign and the details of pre-orders here.

Source: designboom, Octogon

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