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Cottage near a pond

The building designed by Czech architect studio Atelier 111 could be described in a single sentence like this: a family summer house resembling a traditional fishing cabin in a picturesque landscape. 

The appearance and location of the cottage already come with a special atmosphere in themselves. One of its peculiarities lies its dimensions specified by laws: the floorspace limited in 50 square meters and the 5 meter height limit required a special layout so that the building could serve its intended purpose. As a result, its structure consists of four units, out of which three function as a connected space and the fourth one as a separate unit. 

The front door of the special lake house opens to the kitchen. The central element fulfilling the role of the bedroom, the attic of which provides a place for the kids to sleep, can be accessed through the kitchen. Owing to the inlaid glass surfaces larger than the usual, the kitchen and the bedroom offer a splendid view to the pond near the house, while the living room once again opening from the kitchen offers a panorama over the land stretching on the opposite side of the building. The fourth, separated space operates as a storage area, suitable for drying fishing nets or resting and is complemented by a roofed porch. We would definitely move in for a few days!

Photos: Boysplaynice

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Atelier 111 architekti started working back at the Department of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague in 2007. Building a bridge between historic and contemporary architecture stands in the focus of their projects.

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