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Creatives in quarantine | Recommended by the editors of HYPE – Series

HYPE’s editorial staff also went into home office mode. And although this form of life is not completely strange to us, we miss the usual office get-togethers (having coffee or lunch together) quite much. And what are we, editorial staff members doing at home, confined within four walls? We scribble, work out, water our flowers and listen to some music.

Now we asked the members of the staff the following question:

Your favorite series that you would warmly recommend.

„The X-Files” (I don’t really watch newer ones).

„Anne of Green Gables” (1985) – Whether you are a very troubled orphan or very extravagant, if you have the courage and you’re on the right path, you can’t get lost.. Me and my dad love it. I watch it every year if I can. I even engraved a sentence from the movie into a necklace at the time: “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes.” Naive and nice, but is that wrong?

Now that I have to choose a series in this situation, I think I have to go with Thomas Magnum. It’s spring anyway, so it’s understandable if I would rather investigate in a Ferrari in Hawaii instead of the home office.

„Peaky Blinders” – Remarkable series, with outstanding actors. If you like movies recalling the atmosphere of old times, this is for you: Peaky Blinder takes you back to Birmingham in the 1920s, with all of its dirt and excitement. A flood of fascinating, juicy scenes and exciting situations. A series of the kind positively engages me and helps me kick back, because it is about things that are no longer part of our everydays. I recommend it to anyone with strong nerves, a tolerance for blood and who would like to travel back 100 years in time.

I recently finished Paolo Sorrentino’s series titled „The New Pope”, and it really pulled me in, just like the other works of the director. And maybe it can also give our faith back a little in the situation caused by the epidemic…

„Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is the perfect choice for a several week long quarantine, as it is quite long and is very funny indeed!

Netflix released „I am not okay with this” at the end of February. You can get through with it quite quickly, as the episodes are approximately 25 minutes long and there are only 7 episodes in a season. It’s a cool combination of „Stranger Things” and „The End of the F***ing World”. I loved both of them, so I knew already from the trailer that I will be hooked on this one, too. 

I consider myself a binge watcher by default, so I’ve watched all kinds of series (sitcoms, postapocalyptic, romantic, family, crime fiction, etc.) and I loved each and every one of them for something else. Therefore, I will highlight the series that I was hooked on last: „The Young Pope”. The topic, the visual world, the actors and the music all suck you in.

But here are some others I also loved: „Fleabag”„Kidding”„Killing Eve”„Friends”, „Black Mirror”„Stranger Things”

May it be about office get-togethers, voluntary quarantine or home office, we still bring you the coolest design content. Take care of yourselves and each other!

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