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Creatives in quarantine | Recommended by the editors of HYPE – Movies

HYPE’s editorial staff also went into home office mode. And although this form of life is not completely strange to us, we still miss the usual office get-togethers (having coffee or lunch together) quite much. And what are we, editorial staff members doing at home, confined within four walls? We scribble, work out, water our flowers and listen to some music. 

Now we asked the members of the staff the following question:

Tell us your favorite movie: one you would recommend to others, you would watch (or watch again) or one you have seen recently.

Filling out the blank spaces of the James Bond series. If all goes well, the 25th movie will premiere this year, and there are some previous episodes that I have missed out on – either parts or entire movies . It would be nice to watch these. 

„Lost in Translation” – finding one’s path, uncertainty, complete lack of understanding, distance, loneliness and an incidental encounter that helps us believe in ourselves and in our opportunities again.

„The Final Countdown.” One of the best movies ever made, at the same time it is less known and it was censored in Hungary in 1980… It has everything one could possibly need: Nimitz supercarrier lead ship and time paradox, alternative history, Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen, endless amounts of quality airplane porn. James Bond, only with Daniel Craig.

Splash the Zeros!

I plan to watch „Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood” this week, come and join me! Let’s give a chance to Tarantino in the Quarantino…

I saw the French movie titled “La Belle Époque” a few weeks ago, and it was a very uplifting experience. By the way, I plan to watch plenty of feelgood movies that were shot in nice places to lift my mood up, and I warmly recommend it to everybody.

I think I will start watching or rewatching classic movies with the help of Netflix and HBO GO, starting with „12 Monkeys”„Lost in Translation” and „The Pursuit of Happiness”.

If I answer the question “What movie would you take with yourself to a desert island?“ with “Annie Hall” every single time, I think this is what I have to say now, too. I can watch it any time, I never get bored of it.

My favorite movie always depends on my mood, but I think it is safe to say that I prefer deep, thought-provoking movies, with some added melancholy. So perhaps it is not the most joyful recommendation, but „Magnolia” and „K-PAX” pop up in my mind, or Pedro Almodóvar’s movie titled „Talk to her”.

May it be about office get-togethers, voluntary quarantine or home office, we’ll continue to bring you the coolest design content. Take care of yourselves and each other!

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