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Lightning illustrations in a digital cookbook | Viki Hitka X Quarantine Canteen

While in lockdown, even those start cooking who have only entered the kitchen to warm up the ordered food until now. With the recipes of 20 Hungarian star chefs, Quarantine Canteen also helps these kitchen rookies, but it was primarily created for health care workers: the amount generated from selling the digital cookbook will be used for supporting doctors and nurses. The unconventional cookbook is not only high-quality in terms of content, but also in terms of appearance – the latter is ensured by the illustrations of Viki Hitka.

The Karantén Kantin – Egy szakácskönyv mindenkiért. (Quarantine canteen – One cookbook for all.) was made with unprecedented cooperation, within an extremely short period of time.The 100-page-long digital volume presents the recipes of 20 renowned and famous Hungarian chefs, for a symbolic amount. The book containing 40 recipes gives help to the those stuck in lockdown but feeling like experimenting in the kitchen on the one hand, and the buyers of the book also support health care workers. 

The Easter food packages have already been sent to 120 workers, doctors and nurses of Szent Rókus Hospital, and the next goal is to deliver at least 500 Mother’s Day packages to health care workers and mother shelters. The food packages are made from the products of family restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops, so these small businesses also get some support through the project.

The illustrations for the collection of recipes were made by Viki Hitka, on the fast track. Viki completed the 100-page-long book and the related graphical details in just three days, without compromising quality. Loveable and nice drawings came to light that are sure to make cooking in the kitchen even more joyful.

“We worked quickly and from various materials. Photos with different lighting, atmospheres, sizes and cuts. My main aspect became making the materials received from the chefs still look coherent and harmonious. M goal was not to create a quickly made collection, but a regular book, even if in a digital format” – Viki told us. 

“Another aspect was joyfulness, to make it playful – I think we all need this right now, and we need it big time. My aim was to give donors a very positive thing after downloading that makes their day better and that says we will do this together. If we cooperate, everything will be alright. I hope I succeeded” – she added.

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