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The latest carpet trend will come from Ukraine

After Persian rugs, the nomadic Kilims came, and then the Moroccan Beni Ourains (or vice versa). And if we are to believe forecasts, the next carpet trend will be inspired by Ukrainian folk art. 

We have recently written about the furniture of Ukrainian designer Victoria Yakusha building on Ukrainian crafts traditions. Yakusha, however, does not only consider it important to embrace her country’s folk art roots within her own brand: she also has a genuine concern for the fate of the entire tradition. To prove that the Ukrainian world of forms and patterns has a place in contemporary design, the designer organized the first Ukrainian design expedition, to which she invited four design experts who are also successful on an international level.

The invitees included Roberto Baciocchi, the architect of the stores of Prada, Anna Lina Leno, the founder of Stockholm-based design studio ANNALEENA, Madeleine Asplund from interior design studio Asplund Klingstedt Interior, as well as Laura Snoad, the editor of ICON Magazine. The team ventured to the Ukrainian countryside together, to dive deep into folk art traditions.

The favorites of the team included the Hutsul woven blankets and carpets, otherwise known as “lizhnyk.” In addition to looking good, each pattern has a different meaning to the given community. Roberto Baciocchi was so amazed by the Carpathian style that he returned home with 19 wool carpets. 

In addition to the trend forecast, the idea of the tour is also very impressive. “While talking to my European colleagues at professional exhibitions in Milan, Paris, London and Stockholm, I realized how little they know about Ukraine and absolutely do not understand who we are. At the same time, I heard many times about the interest in booming Ukrainian contemporary design. Many of these crafts are endangered, so interest in them from foreign designers and the media will also help to attract the attention of the internal audience” – added Victoria Yakusha.

Source: designmilk

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