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Culinary delights in Ukraine | Odesa Food Market

We have already written about a gastronomy project of the balbek bureau architecture studio: after Kyiv, the city of Odesa has also become richer with a versatile, culinary community space. This time, instead of an abandoned armory, a cinema building from the beginning of the last century gives home to the implementation of the design.

The venue has been in its current function since 2017, and in 2020, it was revived commissioned by Alex Cooper. The Kyiv food court served as a perfect starting point and benchmark for the Odesa project. During the reconstruction, which was intended only for aesthetic improvement, the whole interior was eventually renewed. Many of the original features of the patinated building have been preserved, while the designers have also sought to maintain the simple yet modern look of the space. 

Using natural colors and materials, emphasizing the irregularity of wood, the imperfection of metal, and the unevenness of concrete, the end result was an extremely open and diverse space that managed to preserve the authentic spirit of the place. 

Architects: Slava Balbek, Lena Bryantseva, Yevhenii Kuchmin, Anna Baierzdorf, Sergey Baierzdorf 
Photos: Andrey Bezuglov

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