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Digital experience center and pop-up event venue in Veszprém-Balaton’s 2023 program

In the framework of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture program, projects not only increasing Veszprém’s visibility on a domestic level but also bringing the city to the spotlight on a European scale with the help of world-class attractions and art concepts may be implemented.

The infrastructure development of the European Capital of Culture 2023 program focuses on projects serving cultural and community programs, which are primarily aimed at reviving and reinterpreting the existing, disused and underutilized built heritage and public spaces of the city.

One of such spots to be developed is the derelict building of Balaton Furniture Factory located in the heart of Veszprém, which now might undergo a refurbishment in the framework of the program. According to plans, the project will be implemented in two phases: until the end of 2022, the facility’s parking capacities will be increased and the venue will receive a temporary function—it will operate as a provisional event venue and reception center—, and the pedestrian and bicycle network lying between the bus terminal and Balaton Plaza will also undergo a major renovation. The second phase of the development to be carried out on the premises of the furniture factory will commence in January 2024: this is when the area’s long-term potentials for utilization will come to the fore.

At the press conference, Government Commissioner Dr. Tibor Navracsics also presented the concept of the Digital Experience Center in detail, to be located on the former Szikvíz parking area. Dubbed CODE, the center will build on the model of digital museums, where education and training receive just as much attention as the experience factor. CODE’s key mission will be to also showcase the work of famous Hungarian and regional visual artists in addition to international star exhibitions. The novel technologies to be put to use, such as the interactive audiovisual solutions, video mapping and video imaging, will be aimed at making the cultural content conveyed by the museum also digestible to those less interested in arts. In addition to the exhibition spaces, the experience center will also be expanded with other functions: it will be completed by offices, a gift shop, a restaurant and a café.

CODE render
CODE render | ZSK Architects (Zsuffa és Kalmár Építész Műterem)

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