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Double smile for positive self-image | Veronika Trnková

Due to cellulite, hair, overweight, asymmetrical breasts and many beauty flaws, we can feel uncomfortably locked in our bodies. Achieving the perfect body dictated by fashion is sometimes an impossible challenge, but according to Veronika Trnková, it is not even necessary, as beauty lies in the special details of our body.

Veronika Trnková completed her diploma work majoring in visual communication at the Technical University of Košice, in connection with which she began to deal with the topic of self-love. Her diploma work is based on self-acceptance, and in connection with this she created a fanzine that she not only illustrated but also wrote. Named Double Smile, the fanzine draws attention to the charm of body flaws, the negligibility of flaws and naturalness.

The success of the project is also proved by the fact that the diploma work entered the international final of last year’s Graduation Projects, where masterpieces from art and design universities in the V4 countries compete.

Double Smile | Instagram
Veronika Trnková | Instagram

Sources: Facultyofarts, Focuspro

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