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Dreaming Threads | Tradition reinterpreted

Traditional Hungarian motifs combined with a novel form language: Eszter Révész adapts the typical elements of folk art into contemporary interiors with her gorgeous interior textiles and with the means of design, thus offering a new interpretation and alternative in their use.

Eszter Révész founded her brand in 2019, under the name Dreaming Threads. The particularity of the brand lies in the fact that the figurative folk motifs such as flowers, birds, peacocks or stars are displayed on the hand-woven carpets and pillowcases from a new, exciting angle. 

The traditional patterns are mixed with soft fabrics in pastel colors also preferred by contemporary trends. Eszter further enhances the plasticity of the materials: the various folk elements combined with each other became palpable.

“My personal relationship with and interest in textiles has been built and shaped continuously since my childhood. All throughout my studies I was intrigued by textile-making and structure creation. The plasticity coming from the structure fascinates me, I try to achieve this effect in as many ways as possible with the fabrics designed and created by me. For me, textile is absolutely tactile, I consider the plus information that can be read from a surface through touching beyond the patterns very important. Fabrics have their own micro worlds, which you can only get to know truly from up close – Eszter highlighted.

The special and uniquely made interior textiles are true works of art. In addition to their traditional usage, the carpets displaying folk motifs can also be hung on the wall, in the form of wall art or wall hanging.

Inspiration from Hungarian folklore also echoes in the logo of the brand: its central element is the iconic bird motif, with contemporary lines.

You can also find the first FOLK-A-LOT collection in the newly launched online store of the brand, in addition to several designer stores. Let’s bring tradition into our homes!

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As a responsible brand, Dreaming Threads launches a new, socially sensitive campaign, in the framework of which it offers 50% of the orders placed on the website between April 15 and May 31 to the Foundation for the Patients, Doctors and Employees of Szent László and Szent István Hospitals. The 50+50 LET’S HELP TOGETHER initiative is available on the Instagram and Facebook pages of the brand.

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