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The coronavirus brought countless changes in our lives. Many beloved design brands are also at risk. Just like them, we also believe in the added value of Hungarian design. Our article series presents Hungarian small enterprises who could even make your days spent in quarantine a little bit better with their unique products. Browse through the cool design stuff and be a supporter of Hungarian design!

Alma Vetlényi

Alma’s timeless and consciously designed pieces are dominated by geometric solutions, the use of natural and sustainable materials and unconventional details. She keeps environmentally friendly alternatives in mind, and manufactures her clothes in Budapest. The pieces are made with a zero-waste method, she only uses natural materials as well as OEKO TEX Standard 100 certified fabrics. Corporate responsibility, striving to implement circular economy and the wider acceptance of sustainability are important for the brand, which Alma presents in the form of various collaborations and campaigns to her audience. The Alma Vetlényi brand creates harmony between the values of the past and the future by combining traditions and innovative technologies. We also wrote about Alma’s latest collection in a previous article.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Spruce Dress

Size: S-M, OEKO TEX Standard 100 certified 70% viscose 30% linen, HUF 65,000

Lilac Skirt

Size: 36-38, OEKO TEX Standard 100 certified 100% cotton, HUF 39,000

Fun Palm Overall

ONE SIZE, OEKO TEX Standard 100 certified 100% linen, HUF 56,000

Having an Alma Vetlényi piece would be a dream come true? You can order it from the designer herself!

Website | Facebook | Instagram


The ArtiStamp stamps come from Judit Káposztás’ workshop in Gödöllő. The lovely and illustrative graphics displayed on the stamps are designed by Judit herself – every stamp is made with maximum attention, considering the customer’s needs and requests, in outstanding quality. ArtiStamp’s selection offers various types of stamps: you can purchase the ones designed by Judit, but if you are looking for gifts for special occasions, it’s best if you knock on ArtiStamp’s “door” for a custom-made stamp. To the fans of reading and true bookworms, we recommend the personalized bookplates (you can choose from almost 100 different ex libris graphics in the online store). Many online stores opened recently, many of them send parcels: the corporate or logo stamp can be a good accessory for them – ArtiStamp can also help you in this. Paperfreaks and bullet journal fans can go for the decorative stamps that are perfect for writing diary or for spicing up our boring notes written in home office.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Personalized ex libris (book)stamps

Stamp rubber, wooden stamp with handles , HUF 4,600 – HUF 6,800

Corporate stamps

Stamps based on ready-made graphics, or designed by ArtiStamp, also available in large (8x10cm) size, HUF 5,500 – HUF 8,500

Decorative stamps and stamps with figures

stamps without handles in 3x3cm and 3×4 cm size, HUF 1,400 – HUF 1,600

Would you like to have a custom-made stamp? Are you looking for the One? Keep browsing in the online store or contact the designer for unique/corporate enquiries!

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Sára Hajgató creates clothes and accessories made of light and natural fabrics, colored with dye plants. In addition to traditional dipping methods, she also uses Japanese shibori techniques, eco-printing and other steam-based methods in her workshop in Budapest. She produces part of the dye plants in collaboration with an eco-community in Somogy county – slow life at its best. Sára does not only develop her own brand, but as we also presented in a previous article , she is also a member of VUUV Works, where she also works with manufacturing plant-dyed threads.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Ég sweater

One size, plant-dyed sweater from OEKO TEX cotton, HUF 14,900

Auróra shawl

Plant-dyed cotton and raw silk shawl, 150×150 cm, HUF 12,900

Canary velvet scrunchie

Velvet, HUF 2,500

Would you like to see more? Go and visit the online store!

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Laura Lénárdt’s brand may not be familiar for many, since it’s quite new. The young actress decided in 2019 to develop her previous hobby into a business: this is how hiraeth was born, focusing on reinventing and reimagining thrown out clothes. Laura procures the seemingly useless clothing items which then come to new life between her hands from friends and second hand stores. Hiraeth’s aim is to raise awareness, to educate people to purchase consciously with the (reimagined and sustainable) toolbar of fashion.

If you would like to wear unique recycled hiraeth clothes, browse the brand’s Facebook or Instagram, and contact the designer. That’s it!

Facebook | Instagram


We discovered Lili Veres-Veszprémi’s brand soon after its launch in 2013, and we used one of the first backpacks happily, for years. The bags and other accessories of KIS KAS are all made out of natural materials. Each and every piece included in the product palette is made by Hungarian manufacturers, and of course some of them are made by the designer herself. What the brand’s founder is the proudest of is that the backpacks are made by people with disabilities. Lili gets most of her inspiration from nature and the harmony in it for designing her products. A little fun fact: you cannot only find backpacks and purses in KIS KAS’s selection, but special rugs, too.

Are you a fan of natural colors and materials? You haven’t found your perfect backpack yet? Go and take a look around in the online store!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Kissing Badgers

Bözsi Lehoczki has been creating her products in the spirit of slow design since 2013. The Kissing Badgers brand name might be a bit misleading: Bözsi is responsible for design, photographing her products, managing the website by herself – but she only creates products that she finds sufficient materials for and that she is happy to make. Her brand’s product palette offers colorful jewelry and Scandinavian-like cotton bracelets closing with buttons remained from heritage, but she also creates home decoration pieces from textile waste or recycled cotton threads.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):


Muesli bowl sized eco-conscious 100% cotton T-shirt or made of cord threads, HUF 2,000 – HUF 3,000


From colors in stock (necklace HUF 6,000 – HUF 8,000, bracelet HUF 3,000 – HUF 5,000, earring HUF 2,000 – HUF 4,000)

Jewelry & others – Stock clearance sale

A virtual warehouse full of Badger things on sale!

Would you like to slow down? This is your chance! If you’d like to have something nice from the Badgers, check with the designer via Facebook or Instagram direct message!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Judit Lantos Ceramics

Judit Lantos’s fantastic ceramics pieces are made in her workshop in Szentendre. The various bowls, serving pots, kitchen accessories and home decoration items are mostly made of porcelain or stoneware. The designer – who likes to refer to herself as a reluctant ceramist – works with slab method, pottery, molding and pressing techniques: she burns the pieces in an electric kiln, on high temperature. The fans of gently irregular shapes and pastel colors will sure find the one in Judit’s palette that will stole their hearts. We have been in love with the porcelain mug imitating a crumpled plastic cup for years.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Crumpled “plastic” cup made of porcelain

In several colors, dishwasher safe, 6×7 cm, porcelain, HUF 3,500


8×2 cm, porcelain/stoneware, HUF 3,000


Variable size: 14-18 cm, paper porcelain, HUF 6,000 – HUF 8,000

Can’t wait to have your own Judit Lantos ceramic piece? Contact the designer via Facebook or e-mail.

Website | Facebook | Instagram


The Paperspokes team (Zsófia Bakó, Ágnes Bubla, Virág Vig, Milán Goretity) focuses on bike accessories: their selection mainly offers wooden and metal crates and the unique reflective cords belonging to them. Their aim was to create a durable, functional product with clean lines, and they managed to achieve their goal, as they were already invited to a Dutch bike fair last year in Utrecht. They use custom-woven, domestically produced (lifesaving) reflective rope for the crates of all shapes and sizes, with the help of which not only the internal surface of the crates, but their exterior is also suitable for fixing or carrying some items. It is extremely important for Paperspokes to produce eco-conscious products: to this end, all of their crates are recyclable, repairable so their products can help us while going to work, doing shopping or enjoying the outdoors, and preparing for a picnic in the long run. A must have for cyclists!

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

ZIGZAG crate

Size: 380x288x180 mm, thermo modified flowering ash

XOXO crate

Size: 275x 275×175 mm, ash plywood

BASIC metal crate

Size: 36x26x7 cm, powder coated metal crate

Do you like the fantastic Paperspokes creates? Go and take a look around in the online store and check out the rest!

Website | Facebook | Instagram


The community workshop of PINKPONILO opened its gates in downtown Budapest, during Fall 2017, and has already grown into a creative studio by now. The “Pony girls” (Veronika Burány, Anna Kudron, Viktória Szabó) also pursue design and execution in addition to education, and all this in the spirit of sustainability. Today, they not only hold dressmaking workshops, but also organize events and talks that draw the attention to the importance of conscious shopping. The venture initiated by the girls is continuously developing, they have already joined several Hungarian and international organizations and are looking for talented designers and projects that work for a more sustainable and greener future just like them. Now PINKPONILO offers eco-conscious clothing items that the girls make for orders.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Bio-cotton T-shirt

Bio-cotton T-shirt


Made of collected residue materials

The basic pieces can be ordered tailored to individual needs via Facebook message.

Website | Facebook | Instagram


PLANTETHICS is a Hungarian brand offering ethical, eco-conscious, sustainable and vegan fashion, home decor accessories and jewelry, launched by Barbara Dénes in 2015. Bioethics has a branch that examines the relationship between plants and humans, how they influence each other and how they can help each other. This is where the brand name comes from (plantethics). The mission of PLANTETHICS is to bring plants (or nature, in a broader sense) closer to people, they would like to show that we can choose a different path along the love of plants. We can live in a greener way, with a smaller carbon footprint, responsibly and yet in a cool and fashionable manner, we can choose small series, custom designed products created by local manufacturers over mass products.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

FOREST collection

Hand-made jewelry made with forest and garden flowers, with Tiffany lead glass technique

WANDERWOMAN collection

Hand-made luxury jewelry collection made of ethical, fair trade and recycled precious metals


Heavy-duty 100% cotton bag made in a Hungarian sewing shop, in taupe

Would you like to dive into the world of PLANTETHICS?  You will find the various beauties in their online store!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Shamo bags

The aim of Shamo bags is to promote greener households and a greener future. Nusi Mohácsi’s brand offers products that can replace disposable, single-use tools with durable, long-lasting pieces. In these days, perhaps you should get yourself a bread bag, but we also recommend the printed shopping bags from the bottom of our hearts, we always bring these to the market for the weekend shopping. In addition to the products, the designer also considers it important to present the eco-conscious way of living to those interested in the form of workshops and talks. Until then, you can get more information in the Shamo For ZEROheroes group if you are interested.

We recommend these (click on the product’s name):

Bread bag

49×33 cm (unfolded), 100% linen cotton exterior, cotton band, 100% PUL lining, HUF 4,300

Watertight case, dark red

23×21 cm, material: 100% PUL, HUF 2,200

SHOPPER with ‘tag in the forest’ print

38×42 cm // 100% cotton // HUF 2,900

Do you want to see more zero waste goodies? Not a problem! Go and take a look around in the online store!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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