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The BASIC novelties have arrived | NON+

The BASIC collection of the brand designing under the philosophy of “less is more” is from time to time expanded with the most popular items of previous seasonal collections: this time we can select from 13 new models.

In the past ten years, the founder-designer of the NON+ brand, Sarolta Kiss created more than 500 designs. The designer picks from this half thousand items from time to time – this is how the BASIC collection gets refreshed in line with the given season. The designer picks out 10-20 models when the new season approaches, which are then made in the BASIC colors (black, white, light and dark grey marl, red and royal blue). This time, 13 previous BASIC models got a new chance to shine: including the fan top from the 2018 summer collection, for example, but many other pieces might be familiar to the followers of NON+ from previous seasonal collections.

“One of my favorites out of the BASIC novelties is the NON44 model. It’s quite old, but we keep placing it into production from time to time, because it’s the best summer attire, I only wear this when on the beach, for example. It’s loosely fitted and very comfortable” – Sarolta Kiss told us.

The BASIC collection, as suggested by its name, showcases basic items that fit well into our everyday closet. They serve as a perfect attire for those wishing to dress in pretty, bold and feminine pieces, while also staying comfortable at all times. In addition, an undisputable advantage of the BASIC items is that they can be combined with each other well, and one doesn’t need an occasion to have fun in them. 

In these times, when many Hungarian fashion brands had to rethink their current collections due to the lockdown brought on by the epidemic, no such re-planning was necessary in the case of NON+, as the brand has been designing casually elegant and universal pieces from the very beginning. And what they never compromise on is the use of high-quality cotton materials and clean design. 

The “less is more” philosophy and brand strategy followed by NON+ is also unique amongst Hungarian fashion brands: every collection of the “slow fashion” brand is preceded by a conscious and well-thought-out design process. On top of that, the niche market served by the NON+ brand does not only apply to Hungary: as told by Sarolta Kiss, they have many customers living abroad who come home to purchase NON+ clothes, because they cannot find anything of the sort anywhere else.

You can check out the complete BASIC collection at the website of NON+.

Photos: Lenke Kiss

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