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Resting aircrafts on Tom Hegen’s aerial shots

In his latest photo series, Tom Hegen investigates the role of aviation in our globalized world and portrays the current shutdowns in artistic silence.

Aviation is one of the key factors for globalization. Since the beginning of civil aviation, goods and people could be transported faster across the continents. But the intensive networking of the world also means that diseases are spreading faster than ever before. Due to globalization, the coronavirus could spread from Wuhan to all parts of the world and shut down public life.

The corona pandemic could also be seen as an act of revenge by nature on globalization. In April 2020, worldwide air traffic has fallen dramatically. At many airports around the world, runways are closed and used as parking areas for grounded aircrafts. The airplanes that were once a symbol of globalization are now becoming a symbol of the current lockdown. 

As a global society, we can also learn a lot from this crisis: The global supply chains that are currently interrupted should be reconsidered. Perhaps production must be brought back to the country where the products are sold. We should also ask ourselves whether it will still be necessary to fly halfway around the world for a meeting, or if this would also be possible via online conference.

Source: Behance

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