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HYPE posters move to the coolest spots of Budapest

In our most recent campaign, we show you how metro line M3 or the control center of the Paks power plant looks like in the form of prints, on the walls of the coolest spots of Budapest. One thing’s for sure: HYPE posters look equally good in French-style bistros, new-wave cafés and Neapolitan pizza places, too.

As watchful citizens could already discover: HYPEANDHYPER’s unique prints took over the walls of downtown restaurants and cafés. In our previous campaign, Hungarian creatives including fashion designer Dóri Tomcsányi, illustrator László Brunszkó aka Nikon One, or Levente Trellay, also known from the team of Konyha, posed with the posters designed by László Bárdos. Since then, the prints featuring Wichmann pubthe old Budapest roadmap and the playgrounds of old times also became wildly popular amongst buyers. Out of the nearly sixty different posters, the series showcasing the stations of metro line M3 proved to be the most popular.

Now we moved some of the posters available in the online store that are especially close to our hearts to the restaurants and cafés of downtown Budapest. The posters found a new home in six spots in Budapest: in specialty cafés, a brunch place, a bistro and a Neapolitan pizza place.

“When we were thinking about the concept of the campaign, we thought it would be fantastic to present the HYPE prints in an extraordinary milieu, as they cannot only look good on the wall of a living room or an office, but could also serve as a fresh accessory of cafés and restaurants” – says HYPEANDHYPER editor and project manager Kitti Mayer“On the other hand this is the simplest way of allowing citizens to get a first-hand experience of our prints: here it turns out in an instant whether they like this size and whether they can imagine it in their homes or not.”

And where can you see the prints of HYPEANDHYPER, you ask? We spiced up the interior of Kontakt in Röser udvar, café Horizont near Blaha Lujza tér, Konyha in Madách tér, Manu+ in one of the courtyards of Múzeum körút, Café Dorado in Klauzál utca and Grumpy Budapest with a special print.

As part of the campaign, not only the unique prints are placed into the spotlight: the photo series shot by Milán Rácmolnár allows those interested to learn more about the spots on the list as well as the guys who make these places truly loveable. “The photo series was made as another way of helping the owners and operators of the restaurants and cafés hit hard by the epidemic. In addition to the posters, we also introduce these people and their stories, as without them, everyday life in Budapest would be a little less colorful. Now that there are less tourists in the capital, we can perhaps feel even more at home in these places. If you decide to shop at these places, you not only get to eat or drink something tasty, but can also support a Hungarian business” – says the project manager of HYPEANDHYPER.

A framed HYPE print was first hanged on the walls of Kontakt – this café is also the official pick up point of our posters. “We have known the team of Kontakt for many years, we go there regularly for coffee, and in the initial period when we didn’t have our own office, we also held our editorial meetings here” – explains Gergely Fáy, one of the founders of HYPEANDHYPER.

Now let’s see the six spots – we’ll even tell you what makes these places so loveable!


Kontakt was opened by Péter Bajkó and his wife, Anna Bajkó-Barabás a few years ago, and since then, their son Oli also started helping out behind the counter (after eating his daily croissant, of course). Their motto is: „No sugar, yes good coffee” – and this is not a joke. In addition to the light-roasted espressos and filter coffees, Roket, this cold-brew coffee is also worth mentioning, which is a true specialty. 

You can drink your chosen beverage in the café or order it to go, and those who’d like to give brewing the perfect coffee at home a shot can also find the perfect accessories on the shelves. Are you hungry? You are in the right place: the guys in Szimply next door await guests with a monthly menu, pleasing not only our eyes, but our tastebuds, too – brunch at its best!

The finest coffees are made by Kontakt’s long-standing team members – when we were there, it was our friend, Tamás Gyebnár’s turn. The guys chose several posters, and swap the print visible in the frame from time to time: when we were there, we managed to shoot the one featuring Budapest Tops.

Kontakt | Facebook | Instagram
1052 Budapest, Károly körút 22.

Grumpy Budapest

“Eclectic style, a casual, ordinary place, for extraordinary guys” – this is how Grumpy Budapest define themselves, and we couldn’t agree more: this is a place we are happy to pop by at any time of the day. Grumpy is a lovely spot in Klauzál utca, and not only due to the phenomenal dishes and beverages one gets to taste here. The heart and soul of the place is the always smiling Szilvi Ispán, aka Sziszi, who may be familiar for many from Menza Restaurant. 

This place would not be what it is without her: whenever we walk through the door of Grumpy, we feel as though we were visiting a good friend just to have a drink with her, while she cooks us something delicious completely spontaneously. This is where we ate the best Croque Monsieur in the city, and their lasagna also saved us from starving to death a couple of times.

In addition to being homey, Grumpy is also special: coffee beans come from László Bányai’s coffee plantation in Costa Rica (Bányai Coffee), while Sziszi orders most of the ingredients from France. Grumpy is the perfect place for a friendly dinner, but you can also drop by for a glass of wine or a good spirit, and Sziszi welcomes everyone with a lunch menu during the day. 

If you have the time, brunch is a must, and you’ll surely find croissants here on weekday mornings. Zsófi Perger was in charge of the interior design of the place, and the walls are also decorated with her graphics and those of Renyagyár, while guests can browse through the products of Redheads and the posters of Anna Korolovszky on the gallery. Our Kelenföld Bus Garage print joined this illustrious milieu.

Grumpy Budapest | Web | Facebook | Instagram
1072 Budapest, Klauzál utca 34.


Konyha operating at the corner of Madách tér has been one of the iconic meeting points of the city for years, not to mention the neighboring Telep bar and gallery. Both iconic places were founded by Gergő FábiánSándor Kenyeres and Levente Trellay (the idea of establishing a gallery came from Lili Szert and Gergő Fábián). 

Under the motto “Friends for Food”, Konyha went through several changes over the past six years: staying true to its name, we wouldn’t call it a restaurant or a café really, rather a platform seeing the opportunity for development in experimentation at all times. It’s no wonder so many specialists have been part of their team over the course of time.

The trio of Gergő Fábián, Sándor Kenyeres and Levente Trellay has been expanded with two additional members: chef Márton Keve, who has also worked in Michelin star restaurant NOMA, as well as Geri Török, guaranteeing exquisite coffee experience as chief barista. And let’s not forget about their four-legged member, Zokni! 

In addition to the fair trade coffees, make sure try their sweet bullars and savory rolls made in the micro-bakery, and, of course, the repertoire also features the bagels of Budapest Bagel. Our personal favorite is the Russian okroshka soup, feeling like a fragrant meadow served in a bowl: fresh, juicy, somewhat spicy and sour, with crunchy potato skin crisps on top. It’s divine! Even though okroshka is a summer specialty, Márton Keve will surely delight the people of Konyha with similarly delish treats in the fall, too.

The usual motorcycle and skateboarding accessories are also indispensable elements of the design of Konyha, and we also get to see a massive selection of the organic wines of the Carpathian basin, which will soon be available for ordering online according to the plans. Levente Trellay, who also participated in HYPEANDHYPER’s previous campaign, fell in love with the HYPE prints so much that he moved the entire M3 metro line poster series to the walls of Konyha.

Konyha | Web | Facebook | Instagram
1075 Budapest, Madách Imre út 8.


We never would have thought this, but original Italian pizza has already demanded a place for itself amongst the culinary spots of Budapest ten years ago, thus proving that there is life beyond the slices of pizza available in metro stations. Pizza Manufaktúra was leading amongst the pioneers by opening their first pizza place in Erkel utca, where they have been working with Roman-style pizza dough and ingredients ever since. 

Adrián Bernáth and his team keeps creating the pizzas based on their authentic recipe with unbroken success, so much so that two and a half years ago they fired up another stove in another point of the capital, on Múzeum körút, under the name Manu+. Unsuspecting passersby are stopped by a simple table in the gateway, and then a neon light vibrating in red and green announces in the courtyard: you have arrived at Neapolitan pizza heaven! 

They leaven the dough for forty hours, and then it bakes for one minute in the stove, just to serve you the perfect Margherita, Marinara or Bianca. There are, of course, more chiseled versions, with mortadella, pesto or anchovies as toppings, or pizzas spiced up with sausage, onions and hot chili, dubbed ‘Paprika János’.

Inside, we see a simple yet fine interior, and that’s really all we need, and this applies to the pizza made here, too: no overthinking, only quality ingredients, like San Marzano tomatoes and Neapolitan pizza flour. We love watching the guys working behind the counter do their jobs as it was the most natural thing on earth: nothing fancy, no cliché pizza tossing – cool vibes only! The Manu+ team opted for the PAKS poster for their puritan walls.

Manu+ | Facebook | Instagram
1053 Budapest, Múzeum körút 7.


Café Dorado in Klauzál utca opened its doors in 2018, led by Emese Görföl and Mario Jimenez. The specialty café does not only qualify as an authentic multi-cultural place due to its Hungarian-Spanish founder duo: many foreigners found a second home in it, and the new place also received a warm welcome from the Hungarian coffee community.

Clean, minimalist interior, simple furniture, cozy lights – the fantastic green tiles of the wall behind the counter merges with the jungle of plants, but the giant, rustic dining table also emerges as a dominant element in the space. In addition to light-roasted coffee, initially their selection included some fresh bakery products, croissants and banana breads, however, Dorado’s repertoire expanded with a good amount of novelties since then.

Olive oil, olives and artichokes are quite rare to find in the counters of new wave coffeehouses: seeing the delicate selection arriving from Spain, you’ll get in the mood for eating, for sure. Luckily, there are plenty of dishes to choose from, including the exciting avocado toast with marinated cocktail tomatoes and pomegranates, or a sandwich titled Salmorejo, made with home-made Spanish tomato puree, chopped egg and serrano ham. 

When we were there, we tried the grilled three-cheese sandwich, for which they use a very fine combination of cheese – cheddar, comte, taleggio – and red onion chutney, while we tried the toasted banana bread, spiced up with espresso butter from their dessert menu. Every dish is made locally: they bring the sourdough bread from Arán bakery, and purchase the vegetables at the neighboring market. 

Of course Dorado won’t disappoint those sticking with coffee either: the espresso, flat white, V60 and the rest are still as popular as ever. Visitors also get to choose a bottle of natural wine to accompany the treats taken to go. Dorado got a special HYPE print: the squared, 50×50 cm poster features Kertem, the legendary spot of Városliget.

Dorado Café | Facebook | Instagram
1072 Budapest, Klauzál utca 35.


The brunch place titled Horizont at Erzsébet körút was opened by the team of Kontakt already presented before in 2019. The peculiarity of the place lies in the fact that the guest area was established in the hall of the old Horizont cinema, and the open kitchen functions in one of its corners, allowing us to get a first-hand experience of our Eggs Benedict or avo toast in the making. 

The menu also includes scrambled eggs spiced up with home-made hash browns and bacon chips, special savory pancakes, and those with a sweet tooth should definitely try the granola with fresh fruit and the Belgian waffles.

In addition to the marvelously composed meals, high-quality coffee experience is also guaranteed, but one can also try freshly squeezed orange juice, home-made lemonade, espresso tonics and matcha tonics, too. 

The Art-Deco style interior, the comfortable armchairs and the view of the neighboring New York café provides a perfect combination if you’re looking for the perfect brunch spot. Horizont chose one of our most popular prints: the This is how we played poster.

Horizont | Facebook | Instagram
1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 13.

Spots and prints:

Dorado CaféKertem
Grumpy BudapestKelenföld Bus Garage
Horizont – This is how we played
Kontakt – Budapest Tops
Konyha – M3/Colors + M3/Color Mixing + M3/Shapes
Manu+ – Paks

The highlighted prints and additional posters are available in HYPE STORE

Campaign photos: Milán Rácmolnár

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