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Photos come to life with the help of Deep Nostalgia

Even a photo of Abraham Lincoln or our great-grandfather can turn into a colorful, realistic video thanks to Deep Nostalgia, the photo animation technology created by MyHeritage.

MyHeritage, a genealogy company that offers DNA tests for ancestry, has licensed a face animation software from D-ID: this allows the photos uploaded to their website to get moving, bringing the person captured on them uncannily close to us, be it a family member or a celebrity.

The technology uses pre-recorded videos to animate faces, employing sequences of real human gestures. The software automatically selects a pre-recorded video for faces based on their orientation, and then applies it to the photo. This way, photos can blink, smile and move.

Deep Nostalgia provides an opportunity for us to better imagine what our ancestors, who we can only know from old photographs, could have been like in real life.

Source: Designboom

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