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Memorial wall for coronavirus victims

Loved ones of the British citizens who died of Covid-19 drew almost 150,000 hearts on a wall opposite the Houses of Parliament in London.

Organizers of the movement wanted to visually represent the number of lives the new coronavirus has taken in the past year without being political. Each heart was hand-painted by people who have lost loved ones to the disease. According to Matt Fowler, co-founder of a group uniting the families of British victims and organizer of the action, each heart painted on the mural is unique, just like the loved ones the painters lost.

Permission has not been given for the mural, but the authorities were informed. Those taking part have offered to clean the area if they must, and restore the original state of the wall after finishing the mural. The work takes days: people are painting in socially distanced groups of a maximum of six.

Source: ITV

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