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Skyscraper with a twist | Frank Gehry’s new building in Arles

The handover of the Luma Tower, designed by Frank Gehry, is approaching: the twisted tower, covered with shiny aluminum sheets, will open at the end of June this year.

Luma Tower is part of a new creative district in Arles, thanks to the Luma Foundation, founded by Swiss art collector Maja Hoffmann. The site is an old railway factory that has been vacant since 1986—the buildings here are complemented by a 56-meter-high skyscraper designed by American star architect Frank Gehry.

Photo: Adrian Deweerdt / Luma

The tower, covered with shiny aluminum sheets, gives the impression that a tornado has stiffened. However, this was not the inspiration for Gehry: the architect said he was inspired by the cypress trees in Van Gogh’s painting Starry Night (which are typical parts of the region’s classic landscape) and the Roman amphitheatres. The fifteen thousand-square-meter building houses exhibition spaces and project halls, but the Luma Foundation’s library and research center will also find a new home here.

Photo: Adrian Deweerdt / Luma
Photo: Adrian Deweerdt / Luma

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