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The spirit of the former brickyard, in a contemporary home | architekti BKPŠ

Bratislava-based architect studio architekti BKPŠ designed a gorgeous weekend house. A modern home was brought to life within the walls of the rustic and minimalist building, by keeping traditions in mind at the same time.

Architekti BKPŠ founded by Martin Kusý and Pavol Paňák completed its latest project in Čachtice – a village in western Slovakia. When renovating the back of the building, the architects reinterpreted the conventional relation between a house and its roof. However, they did not forget about the history of the place either: the lot once gave home to the brickyard of the village – this is how raw brick became a dominant element of the new roof, almost self-evidently.

By eliminating the ceiling, the architects created an airy, elegant yet rustic interior. Old and new meet each other in a harmonious balance: the warm tones of brick and the coziness of natural wood are balanced by bold concrete surfaces. By putting the thick walls to use, a puritan bookcase and a window nook also suitable for comfortable contemplation were created, at the same time, active work also has a dedicated spot in the space in the form of a desk overlooking a lush garden through an oblong window.

Photos: Tomáš Manina   

Source: designboom.com

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